The Metallica Vinyl Bootlegs Index; Pirates
The Metallica Vinyl Bootlegs Index


Pirates, Counterfeits, Official Boots, Semi-Official Releases etc.;

(last update: 02/01/11)


Pirates, Semi-Official Releases etc.;

.....And Justice For All - Live (First Press)

.....And Justice For All - Live (Second Press)

The Good The Bad & The Live

Live, a.k.a. "Cliff 'Em All"

Lo Mejor De Metallica

Main Event - Promo EP (7" Single)

Counterfeits, Official Boots etc.;

Kill 'Em All (LP Album)

Whiplash (7" Single)

Jump In The Fire (7" & 12" Single)

Ride The Lightning (LP Album)

Creeping Death (7" & 12" Single)

Fade To Black (12" Promo)

Master Of Puppets (LP Album)

Master Of Puppets (7" Single)

The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited (12" E.P.)

...And Justice For All (LP Album)

...And Justice For All a.k.a. "Metallipromo" (12" Promo)

Harvester Of Sorrow (12" Single)

Eye Of The Beholder (12" Promo)

The Black Album (LP Album)

Load (LP Album)

ReLoad (LP Album)

Garage, Inc. (LP Album)

S&M (LP Album)

53rd & 3rd (7" Single)

Other Releases etc.;

Juke-Boxed Collector's Series

Metallica - Black Box E.P. (7" Single)

Metallica - Disco Successo (7" Single)

Metallica - Disco Successo "Da Hard!" (7" Single)

Seek And Destroy (Test Press)