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Metallica Discographies;
Turri Donovan's Bootleg Collection & Discography
The Definitive Discography, Archives & Collection
Black-Fuel's Collectors Guide
A Great Discography & Collection
Metallica Collectors;
Chris' Metal Page
Fan Sites;
Great site with all setlists, song counts, venue details, tour stats of all Metallica shows
trikont records
What's the value of your "Metallica" record? Sign up & rate the "Metallica" auctions!
Record store located downtown Oslo, Norway
Record store located in Arnhem, Holland
Record store located in Norway
Record store located in Germany
Record store located in Germany
Record store located in Germany
Record store located in Canada
Record store located in Germany
The Official Website of Bianchi
The Official Website of Orbea
The Official Website of Campagnolo
Rennrad - Pässe - Touren

Koji Tano is one of the most respected Japanese artists in contemporary electronic Music. Additionally to countless great releases, he ran a record-store for experimental arts in Tokyo. He was also publisher of the famous Denzatsu magazine. We will never forget him. Koji Tano 1961 - 31.07.2005

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